A farm as a backyard

I live on a sheep farm near Hawkesdale.

In my backyard I like climbing trees and trying to climb to the top. My favourite tree to climb is an Evergreen Elder because it is big and has lots of fat branches.
Another thing I like doing is riding my bike to the dam and it looks beautiful when I get there in time to see the sunset.
When we have wool bales in the wool shed, I like to run around on them and have races from one end to the other with my sisters. I love living on a farm because you are free to do whatever you want.

My own space in my backyard

My favourite backyard area is where I play my cricket. I play my cricket games and practice my bowling I like my backyard because when someone is looking for me I can hide in it so they don’t know where I am.

I like my Billy-kart because its fun to play with. I ride my Billy-kart down any hills near my house. In my backyard I can be relaxed; I can be myself.

A treehouse in my backyard

This is my backyard at Hawkesdale. My favourite place in my backyard is my tree house that I like to play in. It is up very high in a Cypress Pine tree.  We have a big beef and crop farm that Mum and Dad work on and my brother and I help on it too. I like to ride my Yamaha motorbike in my backyard too because it is just a good size to ride my motorbike in.   My brother and I like to kick the footy out the back where we have made some goal posts. I am going to put some photos on this when I get the chance. 

A very busy backyard

In my back yard I have……

  • Bikes
  • Motorbikes
  • Dogs and a cat
  • Roller-skates
  • Scooters
  • Cubbyhouse
  • Dog house
  • Swings
  • Trampoline

What I like doing at home……….

At home I like helping my dad with farm work, playing with my dogs. The dogs names are Fergus and Maggie. I help Dad feed out hay and pellets to the sheep in winter time.

Riding the motorbike is the best fun. It’s a peewee50. Roller-skating is heaps of fun when we ride down the slope near the garage. It is a concrete slope and we sometimes fall over when we are going too fast! And sometimes we crash into the garage door and hurt ourselves.

In my backyard we have heaps of room to play with our pets and toys. We also have another paddock close to our house so we can play Cricket and football and ride bikes plus riding the motorbike and lots more!

Every year we help the people that live next to us do their tree planting and they help us. It’s lots of fun!Out the front of our house we have a big tree that we climb in and play in. And out the back of our house we have another tree that we started to build a cubbyhouse in. Mysister and I play netball so we have so we have a netball ring in our backyard.

A few paddocks away from our house we have a dam that is full now! We also have a woolshed where dad shears the sheep.When he puts the wool in the the wool bails we jump on them and play chasey. I love the smell of fleece wool!

My basketball ringMy bikesMy damOne of my dogs “Fergus”MaggieMy peewee50 bikeSome treesMy treehouseMy woolshed

Soccer near my backyard

My backyard is near the Warrnambool wolves soccer ground. It’s where I have my most fun, and where I get to meet people from other places and other clubs.  

I learn new moves and learn how to play at the top of game. 

I go to soccer every Sunday for games and to vs. other clubs, Thursday I go to training to improve my skills Warrnambool wolves there my favourite club.  

If we play other clubs we where  yellow and black but if we play at our home ground in Warrnambool we where our team colours there are four teams in the Warrnambool wolves red, light blue, dark blue and green im in green, if I play in the under thirteens squad I where any.        

I hope people can read and I can share my presentation of my backyard to a fair bit of people.

Hunting in my Backyard

When I go ferreting I always catch at least 10 rabbits in one big day. Its sandy country and the rabbits are big. Over all I have caught 65 rabbits this year. I have two ferrets one is called ‘fezza’ and one is called ‘killer’.     The other pets I have are chooks/ducks/dogs and lambs. I live on a sheep and cattle farm in south west Victoria. My favourite things to do are spot lighting/fishing/foot ball and cricket.  Spotlighting is when I go with my Dad at night time, with the ute or walking, with a big spotlight and we go shooting rabbits and foxes. Both these are farm pests.               

Too much mud in my backyard

My favourite place is to go to my rock cubbies in the middle of my favourite paddock         

It is in at the back of our farm in the muddiest spot. From our back yard I can see the local dormant volcanoes of Mt rouse Mt Napier and Mt Eccles and they look very lovely.

Guess What I went to get a pic of our caves and got bogged two times so I’ll go back on a drier day.

My bikeMy calvesMt RouseMt Napier

My Backyard is Special

 I live in the town of Hawkesdale. I get woken up early from the magpies talking to each other, Kookaburras laughing and other birds chirping loudly. I pull back the curtains and see galahs and parrots walking and flying about through our colourful garden. They also fly through the plantations of gum trees.  

Gum TreesFountainCourtyard

My family owns the paddock next door which is now muddy because of the rain. I keep my pony in it but she doesn’t mind the mud we have built a shelter and she has a coat on to keep her warm. Sometimes she somehow takes it off. ‘Cheeky Girl’  I love to ride her. I can canter and trot on her walk when I am on her.I ride her around the town on all the tracks. She shows off when we pass other horses.

 Front of my houseGardenGarden

I also have a cat called ‘Stripes’ sometimes I call her a rat because she digs her claws into me. 

Cat Stripes 

As I said before it is very wet and muddy, it is also very cold. In the summer you can smell the freshly cut grass, and when the sun goes down the sunset is amazing. 

Football groundCart in Garden

A Railway Station in my Backyard

My backyard was once the Hawkesdale Railway station which closed down in the 1970’s. It is about 5 km north east of Hawkesdale township by road. We live in the former railway cottage which we have extended and renovated. My wife grew up in this house as her parents ran the station and maintained the local part of the railway line.

sunrise-from-railway-line.jpgRailway Shed and Siding

 The railway line now only has remnants of past railway existence left but the land has been kept for a proposed native corridor. From our place the line is covered in lush green grass and weed at present, with pockets of native trees mainly wattle and occasional big swamp or manna gum. A  railway store shed and siding remain as proof of a former life.

Cypress TreesWattle in Late Winter BloomTennis Courts Flanked by Gum Trees

There are rows of old radiated pine which were planted many years ago as wind breaks. Some pines have self seeded. Protecting the front of my property are huge old cypress pines which my children used to love climbing and building cubbies in when they were a bit younger.My family owns a goat, Walter, whose sole purpose in life is to assist with the grass mowing thus helping to prevent a fire hazard during the summer.

Walter the Goat

From the railway line on a clear day you can see Mt Rouse our local extinct or some say dormant volcano. 

Sunset from Railway Line

Surrounding our house and the railway line are sheep and cattle. My neighbour’s sheep come to also help graze the railway land to keep the area safe.Our backyard is visited by several Kookaburras, the occasional wallaby and even echidna. Possums are always competing with us over our garden. The call of all the birdlife of my backyard is a far cry from the city in which I spent the first 28 years of my life.

My backyard

I am a student at Hawkesdale p-12 college and I travel by bus to school because I live at Koroit. I like my backyard because I have my personal space when I am upset or something and I also have a favourite wall where I play tennis.

The photographs that I have got have been taken by my sister. She wants to be a photographer.

In my backyard I love my scooter, tennis racket and my bikes.  There is a photo of a volcanic rock that I found at my favourite place which is Tower Hill. You can see the photos of these below. I love my backyard I hope you do too. I hope that your backyard is as good and fun as mine.I hope that your backyard is as good and fun as mine.

A volcanic rockMy bikeMy scooterMy tennis racquet