Hi from Patch

Hi! I am Patch and I am a webkinz toy. I have come to live with the grades 3 and 4 students at Hawkesdale College. I will go to school with them, play in the school yard, learn the same things that they do and will also go home with a student for a night to visit their backyard.

As I come with a computer code, I am a special toy. When my code is entered into the web site, the students can  build a virtual home and world for me. Webkinz are big hits in Canada and the USA but have only just come to Australia. So my kids are lucky to have me.

I love my kids and they have been very good to me. They have bought me a chair and a bed in my virtual home and have fed me, played with and put me to sleep. I have played boot ball with them today, and learned lots in literacy and had a go at playing on the  computer. Lots of photos will be taken and these will be put on a special global project blog that will be shared with other schools and webkinz in USA and Canada.

Through the eyes of grades 3 and 4, I will tell you lots about my experiences as time goes by.

Patch playing bootballSleeping in the capPatch at literacy timeThe playground

A big "Hi" from Patch

Hello I am Patch and I am a Webkinz toy. I have come from ebay (as we could not find any shops in Australia that sell my yet). I will be joining grades 3 and 4 at school and going home to visit them in their backyards on the weekends. My journeys will be documented on a blog which is part of a global project by a teacher in Canada. I am the only Australian webkinz to be involved so far. My kids have already been very good to me and they can play in a virtual world with me on my website.
Bye for now!

I love my backyard

I love living on farm. Just waking up and smelling that fresh air and hearing the birds chirping. In my backyard I have lots of pets or animals such as Dogs, cats, a budgie, sheep, cows, birds, chooks and many more. 

I love going down to our dam and riding my bike. It’s fun now that the rain has come. It’s all muddy and wet. 

School is great. I go to school at Hawkesdale p-12 college on Mitchell and spring street.It’s a great school to make new friends and have fun. 

I play netball for Hawkesdale/Macarthur u/13 netball team. We are undefeated and on top of the ladder. 

From my backyard I can view Mt Rouse and Mt Eccles. 

Mum is very keen on her gardening. She has so many flowers and trees. 

Hawkesdale is a great place to be!

Our cowswhen I was littleOur motorbikeScottieTractorPlanting trees

Tennis Courts in my Backyard

I live in Willatook near the tennis courts. My favourite place to hang out is the tennis courts because it is really quite and peaceful. My brothers and I always play games up at the tennis courts. It is fun. My other favourite place is the shed. In the shed I like to ride my skate broad and lots of other cool stuff .

A windmill in my backyard

I live in Hawkesdale I go to the local school and ride my motor bike every where and we have a wind mill that stands twenty five metres over our veggie garden. The blades are bigger than our van. We have nice grass and a lovely landscape.  I love Hawkesdale it is the best town.  I have heaps of friends and love the community!

100_0025.JPGOur backyardThe windmill getting fixedThe blades getting made

Two backyards

My mum lives in Koroit. Koroit is a very small town but I like it that way. In my mum’s backyard we have a tree, this tree is very special to us because our cat is buried there and it is decorated in memoration to him.

Also in our backyard we have plum trees and at certain time the plums on the tree become ripe and we harvest them and they are very sweet to eat.

And at last my most favourite thing I do in my backyard is go skating on my roller skates & roller blades. I love skating for it is very fun and it never gets boring doing tricks on them.

My dad lives in Port Fairy. Port Fairy is not a very small town nor a very big one. My dad’s backyard is like a big play ground. I like to hide in the big fern in the garden and play hide and seek with my puppy “Bubbles.” My house is on somewhat of a cliff and when I go out to the paddock I can sit down and relax with my favourite cat Bella We sit on the nice soft grass and have time to catch the sunset. The sunset on my cliff is a beautiful sight.

Both of these places are special to me because they’re mine and nobody elses.

The Best Backyard


y backyard is a pretty large space that leads out into muddy paddocks because of all the rain we’ve had. I have a favourite tree that is small and fat but then it goes out into a V shape that is big enough for me to sit in it. I sit in my tree when I need to think about things and when it’s a nice day, but even when it’s not of a night time I get a few jackets on and I go for a walk to my tree. I can see most of our house when I sit in my tree, but in the long run it might get chopped down. I like to ride and walk with my friends down to the recreation reserve where they hold pony club and the New Years Eve party. We have one fat sheep that just eats and eats EVERYTHING! His name is Bubbadoo. My horse Dunno is also beautiful. He is a real riding school pony and he is really quiet. In some ways it is good him being a riding school pony but in other ways, it is bad.



y dogs like to go for runs down the dirt road that leads to a dairy. If you follow that road and turn left and follow that one apparently you will end up in Woolsthorpe somewhere but that’s just what I’ve been told. I live in a small town under the name of Winslow and it’s really close to Warrnambool. I like my “town” because I can walk down to my friend’s house and we hang out together. My backyard is the best backyard in the whole world because it’s mine.