Around My Home

I live on a farm. This year is the first year my family has planted trees on our property, I had lots of fun lambsplanting them. We planted six rows.My family has one dog, called Brim, two cats, one cat called Kitty Cat and the other cat is called Fluff Ball. We have six pet lambs, my little brother calls them all Bob. We also have four ducks. My little brother’s duck’s name is Cuddles, my other brother’s duck’s name is Straunie, my sister’s duck’s name is Troubles and my duck’s name is Bubbles. We usually get four woolshedeggs a day. We have thirteen pets all together. I make up the lambs milk to help mum. I also help feed the pet lambs.  I like to play football with my pops dog Willy.

I like to help dad in the shearing shed in shearing time. I like to squash all the fleeces for dad.I like to help my dad check the sheep during lambing season. Our shearing shed is really old and rusty.My family has just put in a new fence down the back paddock. I liked helping dad thread through the wires. I like to play games with my brothers and sister, like, table tennis, soccer, football, netball, tennis and more.I like to collect bags full of pine cones and kippling for the fire.I like to climb our trees and make cubbies.I like to help my dad feed out hay to our cows and sheep. Our hay stack is very old.I like to look at all our different types of trees in our backyard.I like to jump on our trampoline out the front, I also like to kick the football out there too. I like to help dad take the sheep to the market.I like to help mum plant roses. Mums garden looks cool, we also have a very healthy and awesome vegetable garden. Every night I like to look at the sun set from our veranda. My backyard is special to me because I have room to run around, play and ride my bike.

haystackgardenour treesPop’s dogpet lambsour yard

My backyard is interesting

In my backyard I have heaps of things lying around. I don’t live on a farm but our neighbours let us use their paddocks to let our goat called Walter, eat their grass. When I’m bored I always go outside and feed him our food scraps. He enjoys it a lot. We also have lots of trees at our house. We make heaps of cubby houses in them. We even have a cubby house that we call spy house because I always spy on people when I am in it.

We have a pool at our house and sometimes I jump in it in the summer time. It is small but it always cools me down.I love to ride my bike and I am always riding it up and down our long driveway which has a round about on it.

Behind our house there used to be a railway station. My mum worked there. I always go down there and find old pieces from trains. I also find bones down there.

drivewaymy bikethe roundaboutSwingsTennis CourtWaltertreesbasketball ringswimming pool