A scorching end to 2007!!!

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We had our hottest day for 2007 on the eve of the New Year, 31st January, 2007. In the shade of our verandah at home we measured 43 degrees. It was opportune, or just plain bad luck, that it was my Hawkesdale Swimming Poolrostered day for swimming pool duty! Hawkesdale has a wonderful community swimming pool, that opens over the summer period. Solar heating and blankets ensure that the water is kept warmer during cooler days.

Volunteers operate the small kiosk and collect money from the public who come for a swim. Lifeguards are used to ensure all personnel are kept safe. So yesterday, at 1pm I proceeded to the pool and discovered that the water was 25 degrees – a very pleasant swimming temperature. Various people took pity on me at times and looked after the kiosk so that I could take a quick dip in the cool waters and maintain a far more effective body temperature. By 6 pm, I was ready to cease my duties as it had been a busy day selling ice confections, drinks, chips and lollies.

After a quick evening meal, it was on to Warrnambool to babysit our dear little grandson. We went for a wbool3.jpgdelightful walk in the balmy air, watched people still swimming at 9pm at night in both the river and the surf and joined the throngs of other walkers along the famous Warrnambool boardwalk.

swimming in the mouth of the Merri river

The mouth of the Merri

A farm at hawkesdale

Farms around Hawkesdale are typically 800-1000 acres, with mixed farming pursuits. Sheep farming primarily for prime lamb production and/or wool is the usual pursuit. After world war 2, large grazing areas were split into smaller soldier settlers blocks to allow returning soldiers find an occupation on the land. Since that time, holdings have been consolidated once more to allow a reasonable income to be produced. For the first time, in grazing history by caucasians, our fertile Western District was declared a drought area.
One of our students has produced a story on his farm for us to share.

Download Video: Posted by murch at TeacherTube.com.

Christmas through my senses

Download Video: Posted by murch at TeacherTube.com.

The students were asked to “show me” what Christmas at their place was like – through use of the 5 senses. The only stipulation was that they had to include 3 experiences for each sense and the most important element of the writing, was that they had to “show me”, not just tell me. 

Marg Murnane – year 7 English teacher Hawkesdale P12 College

Korea visits our Backyard

Yesterday and today we experimented in a big way with www.skype.com which is VOiP (Voice over internet protocol) where very simply, one computer can ring another computer just like a telephone. Instead of telephone numbers, people register a user name and password and the username becomes the skype number. Conversations can be recorded if powergrammo is installed and these can be saved as wav of mp3 files for future reference or to develop podcasts. Students from Korea came into our backyard (well, our library via a smartboard) to talk to our students. My friend Gail, from Geelong is over in Korea teaching English to Korean students so her class talked to ours and each day this week we will continue to learn about each other, our cultures, schools, lifestyles etc. Watch the video below that Gail took of this exciting way of communicating in real time.

Download Video: Posted by gcasey at TeacherTube.com.