Grass fire


A small grass fire broke out near Hawkesdale today. A power pole shorted out, sending flames down the pole, dropping sparks onto the ground and causing a fire that burnt out approximately 10 acres of farm land. CFA (Country Fire Authority) fire crews were soon on the scene with 8 fire trucks in attendance. The fire was soon contained but is being patrolled to ensure it does not break out again. Local power was out for approximately 1 ½ hours as Origin Energy disconnected power to ensure that the area was safe. The CFA is a firefighting organization comprising volunteer labor in country areas.

 burnt-area.jpgPutting out the pole fireSmall bushfire

Australia Day Breakfast

Our national flag 

On January 26th, Australia celebrates Australia Day. However, Monday is now the designated public holiday as the 26th falls on a Saturday in 2008. Hawkesdale celebrated on the Saturday.

Hawkesdale street centre
Hawkesdale helped jumpstart the celebrations with a breakfast organised and provided by HADDAC,(Hawkesdale and District Development Action Committee). Approximately 95 residents and visitors attended this function. Several speeches were made as part of the formalities, one by our local shire councillor, Mr Gerald Madden and others by the president and secretary of Haddac and Erin Habel who outlined the background to the new signpost which is soon to be erected near Apex Park, as part of a CBI Project.

Erin speaking re signpost


 This signpost will feature buildings and sites of historical interest, with a mud map of the town. Our national anthem was sung with pride.

Breakfast MenuThe bbq in action
variety of cereals
yoghurt and stewed fruits
toast and spreads
eggs (fried and scrambled) and bacon
tea and coffee/orange juice

brekkie1.jpgbritt.jpgEnjoying the breakfasteggscath.jpgcrowd.jpgemma.jpg