It's Easter Time

Prep work for Easter

The Easter bunny visits the preps 

Our SRC (Student Representative Council) held an out of uniform day for the last day of term 1, Thursday 20th March. Students were able to come out of uniform and were charged $2. $1 goes to the Royal Childrens Hospital Appeal in Melbourne and $1 goes to the SRC fund for the School projects.

Piping on the cross for hot cross buns

 Food technology students were busy making hot cross buns today, as these are a traditional treat at Easter time, in Australia.

 Girls baking hotcross bunsHot cross buns

Primary students were also treated to a visit by the Easter bunny.  Much to their delight, an Easter bunny (alias our SRC president) brought them mini chocolate Easter eggs.

Our SRC Easter bunny

 Our backyard wishes all its readers “A Happy Easter”!

Now we go on a well deserved 2 week school holiday’s break after a hectic term 1.

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Hi, I am Anne Mirtschin, a secondary teacher who teaches commerce and IT. In 2007, I am teaching grade 3 through to year 12 IT. My passions include the use of web2.0, podcasting and multimedia including digital animations. I teach at Hawkesdale prep to year 12 College, a small country school in Western Victoria, Australia. This year our school has been granted a rich picture case studies grant where we will work with grade 6 students on pod/vidcasting and the volunteers at the Penshurst Volcano Discovery Centre to produce podcasts for the centre and surrounding volcanic district, called Kanawinka.

3 thoughts on “It's Easter Time

  1. Anne –

    I love learning about your school and part of the world through your blog – thanks for the great pictures 🙂 Our schools can’t play up Easter very much because of the religion/state issue, but in the elementary schools they do a few little things. It’s interesting that we can’t celebrate it in school, but have Good Friday off……hmmm. Anyway, enjoy your holiday!

  2. Whilst reading other blogs I came across yours and I love it! I am a primary school teacher in England and reading your work was refreshing , sometimes funny, sometimes I got a sense of pathos…..I have never met you but I get a feel for who you are in your blog…well done…reading your work closed the space between us!

  3. Those hot cross buns must have been delicous!
    Oh…….sorry i forgot to say hello.Anyway hope you have a good year.


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