My holidays in a sentence

Grade two was asked what they did over the holidays. Here are their replies in one sentence. MS Paint was used to draw a picture of what they did.


My brother and I went through all the puddles in the water and my bike nearly sunk as it was so deep!


We went to the footy at the MCG in Melbourne, to watch Hawthorn and Sydney but Hawthorn won!!


We went to Geelong and I got new clothes and a new pair of shoes.


It was my birthday in the holidays and I got a caseful of presents, a birthday cake that was shaped as an 8, and my cousin Charlotte came to sleepover.


I went to the football and to Pins and Play in Warrnambool,  and to the park in Koroit and to the swimming pool.


I went to the movies to see Speed Racer and Kung Fu Panda and I went to the footy at the Telstra Dome.


In Warrnambool, I went to Fun4Kids and to the theatre and I got my face spray painted.


I went to the MCG to see Sydney versus Hawthorn and Hawthorn won and I went Aylish’ house to have a sleepover.


I watched the film Kung Fu Panda and I went shopping and put stuff on layby for Christmas and I went to Lachlan’s house.


Jesse came to my house and he had a sleepover.


I went to Dominic’s 6th birthday party.