Koalas in the Backyard

For anyone who is not Australian, the picture below is of a koala that my cousin found in the backyard

They are the cutest animals but not up close. They grunt like a Wild pig/hog or a bear. They are also very dangerous. They are an Australian Native animal and they are one of my favourite animals for a very good reason. Just look at it!!

Wild Action – Australian Animals

In the last week of term 3 Wild Action, (www.wildaction.com.au) visited Hawkesdale P12 College. Xavier and his menagerie of native Australian animals came to school. It was a fast-paced, action-packed show with the opportunity to touch many of the creatures including a tiny squirrel glider, green tree-frog, stumpy-tailed lizard, short-necked turtle, black-headed python and salt-water crocodile. One of the largest animals was an olivine python – about 3 metres long and growing up to 75 kg in weight! Students from grade prep through to year 10 enjoyed the demonstrations.
Wild Action

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Thanks to Britt Gow for the slideshare.