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Our school, Hawkesdale P12 College is a small prep to year 12 school in rural community in country Western Victoria. The township is small but active and set amongst beautiful manna gums and ti tree swamps. Our school backyard is huge and we all have backyards of differing natures but they are ours, are special to us and provide our safety zones. Please watch  a movie on our school throught the eyes of a year 8 student.

Download Video: Posted by murch at TeacherTube.com.



Hawkesdale is in the Heart of the Hinterland, and close to the volcanic trail from Mt Rouse at Penshurst, through to Pea Soup beach at Port Fairy. Apex Park, a beautifully maintained park by volunteers, is a popular stop over destination for tourists travelling between the Great Ocean Road to the south and the Grampians to the north.

The following movie, by a year 8 student, depicts aspects of Hawkesdale and some of the volunteer organisations that keep Hawkesdale an active and caring community.

Download Video: Posted by murch at TeacherTube.com.



Heather Blakey (global teacher) and Cora Zon ( a storyteller) came to our school and planted the seeds for Students working with Heather Blakeyblogging with the Magic Garden. Our seeds have nurtured with this process and the manyCora Zon The Storyteller comments that we have recieved have encouraged our students, increased their confidence and given them a new found joy for writing about something they know and love. Germinating Seeds

This project has led us into the wonderful world of web 2.0 and aided our project on podcasting for the local volcanic region andVolcano Discovery Centre at Penshurst. This project is part of the Rich Picture Case Studies Grant with the Dept of Education in 2007. We would love you to watch and listen to some of our podcasts. But in the meantime, please enjoy our backyards and thank you for allowing us to share them with you.

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