Digital storytelling

Students in our school have been involved in digital storytelling. An array of software has been used for this purpose, including MS Photostory, MS Powerpoint, Sony Vegas Moviestudio, Audacity and Acid 6.0. A series of our digital stories can be viewd on this page.

Our School – Hawkesdale p12 College

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The movie below depicts dogfighting that may have taken place in wartime. It has been created by a year 7 student.

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Our dairy farm
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Water Whale
A 30 minute drive by car takes us to Warrnambool, a popular seaside tourist town in country Western Victoria, towards the end of the Great Ocean Road. Logans Beach is famed as being a southern right whales’ nursery and in winter, people can view from a platform, the mother whales and babes playing in the water.

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