Pancake Day/Shrove Tuesday

Pancakes are traditionally made on this day, Shrove Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday which is the first day of Lent for Christians. Students, from years 8 to 11 at our school, under the leadership of Mrs Gow and Mrs Keith, cooked pancakes, selling them for 50 cents each to raise money for the bushfire appeal. Toppings included sugar, lemon juice, jam or maple syrup. They were yummy!!

Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraisers.

Various fund raising activites were held in Hawkesdale, starting at school, with some of the year 9 girls selling a variety of coffees at the parent/teacher interview day/evening. The year 9/10 home economics class baked a variety of treats to accompany the coffees, including cupcakes with the distinctive pink ribbon atop. The girls made over $200, so a great effort – girls!!

View how they did it, by clicking on the link below:-

coffee-making for breast cancer awareness.

Then an even bigger fundraiser was held in the local hall. Specially decorated bras were strung  between the gum trees lining the main road through Hawkesdale. There was free admission but it cost $5 to leave the event!!! This raised a further $1000.

See the streets of Hawkesdale with the bras strung across the lines, by clicking on the link below:-


Koalas in the Backyard

For anyone who is not Australian, the picture below is of a koala that my cousin found in the backyard

They are the cutest animals but not up close. They grunt like a Wild pig/hog or a bear. They are also very dangerous. They are an Australian Native animal and they are one of my favourite animals for a very good reason. Just look at it!!

Wild Action – Australian Animals

In the last week of term 3 Wild Action, ( visited Hawkesdale P12 College. Xavier and his menagerie of native Australian animals came to school. It was a fast-paced, action-packed show with the opportunity to touch many of the creatures including a tiny squirrel glider, green tree-frog, stumpy-tailed lizard, short-necked turtle, black-headed python and salt-water crocodile. One of the largest animals was an olivine python – about 3 metres long and growing up to 75 kg in weight! Students from grade prep through to year 10 enjoyed the demonstrations.
Wild Action

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Thanks to Britt Gow for the slideshare.

My backyard

A letter from Rachael, in grade 6 to a school in the USA…..
My favourite sport is netball, but I like other sports like Basketball and Soccer. I have two brothers , a mum and dad and a sister. 

My dad is a shearer which means he makes his living by shearing sheep. I like all the different animals and I like to play with my brothers and sister. I live on a farm just out of  Hawkesdale. My parents own 150 acres. My family put a dorset ram over the ewes, the ram gets the ewe in lamb. Sometimes the mother doesn’t look after the lamb. So my dad picks up the lamb and brings it up to the house and we put them in a warm spot and feed them about every 5 hours.

We own one bull and seven cows. We sell the calves when they are about nine months old. We own four ducks, us kids have a duck each. There names are Browny, Troubles, Cuddles and Straunie.

I go to school at Hawkesdale P-12 College. School starts at 9:00 and finishes at 3:30. I get up at 7:30 and get home at 3:40. I catch the bus to school. I ride my bike to the corner of our road to catch the bus. I am on the bus for about 10 minutes. 

At school we have different subjects like art, humanities, science, library, sport, ICT, (information communication technology) writing and literacy. There are 22 people in my class.

We have about 250 people go to our school. Our school is just up from the swimming pool.  In the first term the teachers take us up to the pool. My teacher is Ms Murnane. In the first or second term we have a sports day. That is where we do lots of different sport activities like long jump, high jump and other events and races.

Hawkesdale is about 40 minutes away from Warrnambool.

There are lots of different things in Hawkesdale like the pool, Apex Park, the football club rooms, pub, post office, hall, kindergarten and three churches. The grass is mainly yellow around Hawkesdale at the moment, because we have recently had a drought. Normally, Hawkesdale is a very pretty little town with lots of well mown road sides and beautiful trees.

There are about 500 people that live around Hawkesdale. Most people around Hawkesdale live on farms. Mainly sheep, cattle, dairy and a couple of blue gum plantations.

Victoria’s capital city is Melbourne. Melbourne is the biggest city in Victoria.

 It is summer here in Victoria. The weather is mainly sunny, sometimes it rains and thunder storms. Some of Victoria’s best attractions are FlagStaff Hill in Warrnambool, Tower Hill, Lake Pertobe, Sovereign Hill, Grampians, Bendigo mine.

About 2 years ago there was a big fire in the Grampians. It was close to Hawkesdale. It was horrible seeing all the animals hurt and all the trees black and on the ground.

Australia is the smallest continent but the largest island in the world. Canberra is Australia’s capital city.

There are different animals in Australia such as the Koala, Snake, Possum, Kangaroo, Platypus, Emu, Cockatoo, Kookaburra, Wombats and other interesting animals. There are lots of different native grasses and trees as well.

My holidays in a sentence

Grade two was asked what they did over the holidays. Here are their replies in one sentence. MS Paint was used to draw a picture of what they did.


My brother and I went through all the puddles in the water and my bike nearly sunk as it was so deep!


We went to the footy at the MCG in Melbourne, to watch Hawthorn and Sydney but Hawthorn won!!


We went to Geelong and I got new clothes and a new pair of shoes.


It was my birthday in the holidays and I got a caseful of presents, a birthday cake that was shaped as an 8, and my cousin Charlotte came to sleepover.


I went to the football and to Pins and Play in Warrnambool,  and to the park in Koroit and to the swimming pool.


I went to the movies to see Speed Racer and Kung Fu Panda and I went to the footy at the Telstra Dome.


In Warrnambool, I went to Fun4Kids and to the theatre and I got my face spray painted.


I went to the MCG to see Sydney versus Hawthorn and Hawthorn won and I went Aylish’ house to have a sleepover.


I watched the film Kung Fu Panda and I went shopping and put stuff on layby for Christmas and I went to Lachlan’s house.


Jesse came to my house and he had a sleepover.


I went to Dominic’s 6th birthday party.


Collaborating with another nation

Today, Friday 13th June, we participated in a show and tell video conference on skype with Collaboration Nation. It was great to see the people from Collab to come in after school. The time for us was 10:00am but for them it was like 8:00pm on THURSDAY night not FRIDAY! We learnt so much from them such as: They have a place where you can buy donuts called Duncin’s donuts, they are really into baseball like we’re into AFL, some of the students there support the Sixers basketball team and they dance and cheerlead.


It was so good to be able to talk to kids from another country. All they seemed to do was laugh. That made us laugh too. They were easy to talk to and easy to understand. It was good to be able to see what kids our age are like, their interests and the way they look and speak. It was so good.

One let down for me was that the smart board had lines in it which annoyed me a bit. Another thing is that the time went too quick. Unfortunately we had recess and it was getting too late for them. I could have spent a lot longder talking to them.


It was so much better than the blogging thing we did with them becasue we got to see the actual people. The blogging was awsome but this was so much better.


Hope you guys from Collaboration Nation had as good of a time as I did! Enjoy your holidays. Think of us when your off relaxing while we are sitting in school, having fun!! I’m kidding school aint fun – not usually anyway. Enjoy!


By flurogreen

A new sign for Hawkesdale

On Sunday, June 1st, the first day of winter in Australia, a small gathering of the Hawkesdale community celebrated the erection of a new sign. This sign displays some of the notable features of Hawkesdale and surrounding areas. It is hoped that it will encourage tourists to stop in our small town and enjoy some of  its attractions.

Tim Williams, a local artist was responsible for the delightful artwork on the sign. His contribution was acknowledged in the speeches that followed the barbecue.

Anzac Day …… my thoughts

ANZAC stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps. Students in grade 6 were asked to write down their thoughts on Anzac Day, which is celebrated as a public holiday on April 25th. Here are a selection of their writings.

soldier clipartThe soldiers had a terrible time when landing in an area with steep cliffs. The second they walked onto land they were under attack.
The ANZAC soldiers fought all those years ago but for some it feels like yesterday.
You might never really understand what the soldiers went through but how would you like to see your friends die in front of you. It’s not a pleasant feeling.
Not many of those came home to their families so let’s remember them who went to war and fought for our country. 

A is for Australians, all brave, young and old,
N is for Nights, spent in the cold.
Z is for Zany young men, happily joining the throng,
A is for All of the wiling ones being proved wrong.
C is for Crying for all the lost souls,

ANZAC will be remembered all over the world.


April 25th 1915
ANZACS landing in Gallipoli
A terrible mistake by allies alike
As dawn breaks to end the night
Turkish soldiers waiting up top
Letting off  their guns with a defining pop
Anzacs falling by the dozens
And weeks later grieving cousins


I feel the soldiers being brave
As they fight the good and bad,
They fought so well,
They saw the dead right next to them – they looked so sad, 
We feel as happy for the Australia and the New Zealand soldiers as we should.  


The brave Anzacs went to war at a young age.
Fighting for our country’s reputation.
ANZAC day is a time for remembrance for our brave courageous young men.
Not many survived the war at Gallipoli against the Turkish solders at the top of the cliff.
Some people remember it like it was still happening today.
ANZAC day means to me that I respect the brave young men and women that fought in all wars and conflicts. To me it also means that I thank the men and women that created Australia’s reputation.


Anzac day  is a day to remember,
The tough, strong solders,
That died a terrible frightening death,
And those worried families,
Hoping that their young digger,
To open the door,
To say the war is over,
But only the very few did.


ANZAC day is a day to remember those brave, courageous, young men who gave our country a great reputation. The war told everyone that the Australian soldiers are the bravest men.
The soldiers had a terrible time when landing in an area with steep cliffs. The second they walked onto land they were under attack.
The ANZAC soldiers fought all those years ago but for some it feels like yesterday.
You might never really understand what the soldiers went through but how would you like to see your friends die in front of you. It’s not a pleasant feeling.
Not many of those came home to their families so let’s remember them who went to war and fought for our country. 

Biscuits for Anzac Day

 Our students have been busy baking Anzac Biscuits for Anzac Day

anzac biscuity

Anzac biscuits originated in Australia and are a popular biscuit . Initially these biscuits were called Soldiers’ Biscuits, but after the landing on Gallipoli on Anzac Day, they were renamed ANZAC Biscuits.


1 cup plain flour
1 cup rolled oats (regular oatmeal) uncooked
1 cup desiccated coconut
1 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup butter
2 tbsp golden syrup (or honey)
1 tsp bicarbonate of soda
2 tbsp boiling water

Combine the flour (sifted), oats, coconut and sugar in a bowl.
Melt the butter and Golden Syrup (or honey) in a saucepan over a low heat..

Mix the bicarbonate of soda with the water and add to the butter and Golden Syrup.

Pour the liquids into the dry ingredients and mix well.

Spoon dollops of mixture, about the size of a walnut shell, onto a greased tin leaving as much space again between dollops to allow for spreading.

Bake in a moderate oven, 180C / 350F, for 15-20 minutes.

Cool on a wire rack and seal in airtight containers.