Special People

Students were asked to think of someone in their lives, who is very special to them. They then had to imagine that special person in their favourite place, or where they see their special person most relaxed and happy. Their writing had  begin with “I see you…..”  The following pieces have been written from the heart. Maybe you will find yourself among these special people.

Year 8 students

I see you…As you struggle to kneel softly down in the garden,slip on your dirty old gloves that you got for your 42nd birthday and start to roughly dig up the hard dry soil. Lots of little bugs and insects crawl out of the dirt.

I see you…Walking along the garden bed chopping off the dead rose heads, dropping them in your rusty old wheelbarrow and pulling out the horrible green weeds that have recently come up.

I see you…Shooing the big black flies away on a hot and bothering summers day. You are brushing your thin, grey hair away and the brown dirt from your gloves smudges on your soft face.

I see you…Make a sad unhappy face as Grandma calls you in for your fresh, cold salad that she has prepared for your lunch. You hungrily gobble up your fresh, delicious lunch. Then you head back out to work on your magnificent garden.

I see you when you smile and excitedly start to finish your garden.

My mother

I see you walking down the creek,
That is your favourite place to walk at Halls Gap in the Grampians.
You sit down to have a rest,
I remember when I was younger we went swimming in that creek.
It is so quiet and relaxing, a very peaceful place,
I know why it’s your favourite place,
You reach into your backpack to have a drink of ice cold water,
I see you as you take a bite of an apple you brought along,
You pass me a yummy apple,
I watch you get up and start the long walk back,
I follow you,
I look at you as you look at the huge trees,
I watch you listening to the birds,
I see you take one step after another,
I watch you get off the walk path,
You get into the car to drive back to the place we are staying,
I look at your face and I know you enjoyed that walk,
I see you Mum in this very favourite place of yours.

My Grandfather

I see you in the park with hills and trees all around. You are my Grandfather, I am your Grandson. We are playing. I am swaying on the swings. You are saying bing, bing, bing. I am laughing, you are clapping, you are old, I am young. We go for a walk. We see the place where we played last week. It was the big swing where I fell last week. I was crying. I couldn’t stop. You picked me up and I stopped. We climb the hills and roll back down. It’s time to go. I must say goodbye. I’ll see you again in a future life.


Today I see you with the spade getting rid off all the stones on your lawn so someone can mow it. Later on I see you walking to the shed and getting a bucket of dog food to take down to the dog, after she had helped you to bring a mob of sheep to the shed. I smell the burnt potatoes that are on the stove while Ma falls asleep in her favourite chair. I hear the phone ringing in the background and the TV as loud as a baby screaming. I hear the cars going past while you weed the garden with the sun shining on your back. I now see you in a place where you love to relax, the couch after you do all your jobs for the day.I see that smile on your face when your grandkids arrive.


I see you pulling up the big crayfish net and it’s full to the brim with crayfish. “WOH, she’s a big one, and another. WUH! “I think it’s the biggest so far” you say, surprised. “The new boat’s a beauty, it’s smooth, and it’s quiet. So we’ve got two full bags of crayfish and we’ve got the biggest one we have ever seen. You want to get it weighed at the wharf” I say nervously.  

The fish measuring people, weigh it; it is one of the biggest the fish person has ever seen in his life. Later that day, you win a good prize. I see you smiling and scuffing me on the top of my head. Going fishing together is our favourite thing to do.

my best friend…
I see you hanging with your friends with a gigantic smile on your face, while walking down the street holding a shopping bag. You dodge the cars as you walk across the road and laugh cause your friend almost fell over.

You head towards the shop stocking up with food to put in your bag for you and your friends before entering the movies. When you get inside you offer to pay for one of your friends because they are low on cash. You are always helping out whether it is with money or advice. I admire the way how you are always nice to people and are there whenever anyone needs you. I get excited when we organise to have a sleepover or just a day out shopping. It’s alway fun even though you’re my cousin, you’re my best friend.

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  1. My first look at blogs and wikis etc in the department and yours was the one I chose.

    I love all the poems – but the first is my favourite – made me smile.

    I feel like a kid opening boxes and I don’t know what I will find inside. Thanks 🙂

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