My home, my school, my country

 A grade six student wrote this as a response to the ‘From me to you’ project that we were involved in.

About Me:  I am 11 years old but in May I will be 12. · I live in a small town called Koroit. · I have an older sister , 22 and she is at Uni living in Geelong. I also have two older brothers, one is 21 and he lives in a small town called Macarthur. My other brother lives at home with mum and I. He is 14 and in year 8. · In my backyard I have a big Labrador cross Dalmatian called Spud. We also have a rabbit named Prince, a guineapig named Hammy, goldfish Harold, Taipan and Arnold, a cat named Basil and 2 cockatiels named Michelle and Larry. · Whenever we go to Melbourne to see family our neighbour looks after our animals. · I travel on my school bus for an hour each way, each day. · My favourite sport is soccer, we play it at school. · My mum is a receptionist at a medical clinic and she works at the Port Fairy Abalone farm. My Hobbies: · I like to draw when I have some spare time. · I love to sleep in a lot. · When it’s a nice day I like to take my dog for a walk. · Sometimes I play with my rabbit and guineapig, they are really cute. My sister has a little puppy and our rabbit is way bigger than it, he is nearly bigger than our cat too! I also love to Roller skate with my friends up and down the street.  School:  I am in grade 6. · We have all different subjects. · At lunch and recess I love to hang out with my friends and going to see my buddie. · Our subjects are Writing, Reading, Mathematics, P.E, S.O.S.E.\Science, Library, Art, Buddies, ICT, and L.O.T.E. Buddies: We have a class called buddies, it’s were we have little friends in Prep and they are called our buddies. My buddies name is Torie, she is very small. In those classes we play games, draw pictures and all sorts of different stuff. We have a canteen in our school. It sells hot food, drinks, some lollies, icy-poles and ice-creams In grade 6 we get to have special t-shirts, we design them and then get them printed. There are about 240 students in our school. There are 5 school buses. Hawkesdale: · There are about 500 people in the Hawkesdale community. · In Hawkesdale there is a Post Office, Pub, A Rural store, 3 churches and there is a swimming pool. · At the start of the school year we do swimming lessons every day after lunch for 2 weeks. · There is a nice little park called Apex. Last year and the year before my grade went down and both times planted about 800 native grasses.   Victoria: ·       Sometimes the weather is cold but lately because we’re in summer it has been really nice.           Attractions: · There are some great theme parks around Geelong and Melbourne, Luna Park is one. When I stayed with my sister in Geelong she took me to Adventure Park. It is a theme park and a water park. · Eureka tower. In Melbourne the golden tower there is a thing called a sky deck. · The twelve apostles, but now there’s only 7. · The Otway fly tree-top walk. I have been there twice, it is great. There are lots of birds, lizards, beautiful organic plants. In the middle of it there is a huge spiral tower, as your walking up you can feel it sway in the wind.  Australia: (Mostly attractions) · Uluru, when I’m older I would love to travel there · The Great Barrier Reef, I would love to go there as well · The Harbour Bridge. On New Years eve it was on television and there were fire works and everything, it was amazing. · Sydney opera house. · Goldfields.  In grade 4 we went to Sovereign Hill, it was terrific. Some of my friends and me went on an old horse cart. We passed all the others Gold Panning in the creek.  Mornington Peninsula. It’s one of the prettiest places in Victoria.

From Me To You

My grade had to write letters to different countries. This is my letter.

Dear student and teachers of Kadena Elementry School


My favourite sport is netball, but I like other sports like Basketball and Soccer. I have two brothers , a mum and dad and a sister.

My dad is a shearer which means he makes his living by shearing sheep. I like all the different animals and I like to play with my brothers and sister. I live on a farm just out of Hawkesdale. My parents own 150 acres. My family put a dorset ram over the ewes, the ram gets the ewe in lamb. Sometimes the mother doesn’t look after the lamb. So my dad picks up the lamb and brings it up to the house and we put them in a warm spot and feed them about every 5 hours.

We own one bull and seven cows. We sell the calves when they are about nine months old. We own four ducks, us kids have a duck each. There names are Browny, Troubles, Cuddles and Straunie.

I go to school at Hawkesdale P-12 College. School starts at 9:00 and finishes at 3:30. I get up at 7:30 and get home at 3:40. I catch the bus to school. I ride my bike to the corner of our road to catch the bus. I am on the bus for about 10 minutes.

At school we have different subjects like art, humanities, science, library, sport, ICT, (information communication technology) writing and literacy. There are 22 people in my class.

We have about 250 people go to our school. Our school is just up from the swimming pool.  In the first term the teachers take us up to the pool. My teacher is Ms Murnane. In the first or second term we have a sports day. That is where we do lots of different sport activities like long jump, high jump and other events and races.

Hawkesdale is about 40 minutes away from Warrnambool.

There are lots of different things in Hawkesdale like the pool, Apex Park, the football club rooms, pub, post office, hall, kindergarten and three churches.  The grass is mainly yellow around Hawkesdale at the moment, because we have recently had a drought. Normally, Hawkesdale is a very pretty little town with lots of well mown road sides and beautiful trees.

Hawkesdale Road

There are about 500 people that live around Hawkesdale. Most people around Hawkesdale live on farms. Mainly sheep, cattle, dairy and a couple of blue gum plantations.

Victoria’s capital city is Melbourne. Melbourne is the biggest city in Victoria.

It is summer here in Victoria. The weather is mainly sunny, sometimes it rains and thunder storms. Some of Victoria’s best attractions are FlagStaff Hill in Warrnambool, Tower Hill, Lake Pertobe, Sovereign Hill, Grampians, Bendigo mine.

About 2 years ago there was a big fire in the Grampians.  It was close to Hawkesdale. It was horrible seeing all the animals hurt and all the trees black and on the ground.

Australia is the smallest continent but the largest island in the world. Canberra is Australia’s capital city.

There are different animals in Australia such as the Koala, Snake, Possum, Kangaroo, Platypus, Emu, Cockatoo, Kookaburra, Wombats and other interesting animals. There are lots of different native grasses and trees as well.