We escaped our backyard!!!!!

 Cows Create Careers

 Escaping calves being walked back to school

Students in years 9 and 10 who are studying agriculture, are taking part in the successful ‘cows create careers’ program. Two calves,lhosted to us by local dairy farmers, live at school for 3 weeks. In this time, students are responsible for feeding, caring for them and learning animal husbandry practices. They are weighed twice weekly and reports are made at the completion of the project. At the end of the project, the schools involved in our area get together, and submit their reports to the other schools.

Two young calves were delivered to school yesterday and the proud new ‘parent’ 9/10 students, placed them in an enclosure and tended to their needs. To our horror, they escaped after only one night’s stay, and worked their way down to the back lane behind the school. Two year 8 girls were called upon to bring the escapees back to their home. A bucket of feed was used to cajole back up the dirt track, through the back gate and into their enclosure. Three staff were also on board to help tighten the enclosure, until the supervising teacher returned to school after lunch.

Fixing the enclosure