Collaborating with another nation

Today, Friday 13th June, we participated in a show and tell video conference on skype with Collaboration Nation. It was great to see the people from Collab to come in after school. The time for us was 10:00am but for them it was like 8:00pm on THURSDAY night not FRIDAY! We learnt so much from them such as: They have a place where you can buy donuts called Duncin’s donuts, they are really into baseball like we’re into AFL, some of the students there support the Sixers basketball team and they dance and cheerlead.


It was so good to be able to talk to kids from another country. All they seemed to do was laugh. That made us laugh too. They were easy to talk to and easy to understand. It was good to be able to see what kids our age are like, their interests and the way they look and speak. It was so good.

One let down for me was that the smart board had lines in it which annoyed me a bit. Another thing is that the time went too quick. Unfortunately we had recess and it was getting too late for them. I could have spent a lot longder talking to them.


It was so much better than the blogging thing we did with them becasue we got to see the actual people. The blogging was awsome but this was so much better.


Hope you guys from Collaboration Nation had as good of a time as I did! Enjoy your holidays. Think of us when your off relaxing while we are sitting in school, having fun!! I’m kidding school aint fun – not usually anyway. Enjoy!


By flurogreen