Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraisers.

Various fund raising activites were held in Hawkesdale, starting at school, with some of the year 9 girls selling a variety of coffees at the parent/teacher interview day/evening. The year 9/10 home economics class baked a variety of treats to accompany the coffees, including cupcakes with the distinctive pink ribbon atop. The girls made over $200, so a great effort – girls!!

View how they did it, by clicking on the link below:-

coffee-making for breast cancer awareness.

Then an even bigger fundraiser was held in the local hall. Specially decorated bras were strung  between the gum trees lining the main road through Hawkesdale. There was free admission but it cost $5 to leave the event!!! This raised a further $1000.

See the streets of Hawkesdale with the bras strung across the lines, by clicking on the link below:-