My horrible day

 ants clipart

Students were given the prompt from squidoo. This is the response from a grade 6 student. 

Can this day get any worse?
First I had to eat coco pops and found ants crawling around in them. Secondly I had to have a cold shower and found my undies were all grubby. Thirdly I missed the school bus.

I finally got to school and my teacher Mr Grumpy wasn’t too impressed with me. He said that I had to stay inside at recess or I would have a week’s detention. At recess Mr Grumpy made me write 100 sentences, all saying I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I wondered why I couldn’t have a normal day like every one else. Third period we had library, I hate library, to me library is like a piece of rubbish.

Fourth period we had sport. In sport we had to run laps for the whole period. I fell over and scraped my knee. I had to sit in the office for the rest of the period. The last two periods we had maths. We had to sit in the classroom and do incredibly hard worksheets.

Finally, it was home time. I was called to the office, I hate going to the office, then I found out I had to go to Aunt Susie’s. Aunt Susie is the horriblest Aunt ever. When I got there, She made me wash the dishes and clean the house and make it spotless. Aunt Susie put her feet up and relaxed while having a mug of hot chocolate while I had to work really hard.

When I finally got home mum gave me a gig hug. “What was that for?” I asked.
Mum smiled “You looked like you could do with a hug,” she said. Then dad came in, looked at me, smiled and scruffed my hair.
“How’s my princess?” he asked. So my really, horrible, very bad day was going to have a happy ending after all, maybe it was worth it.